What would you grab out of your home if it was on fire? The most common answer is my family, my pets and my PHOTOS. Perhaps a morbid question, but the point is that you would grab what matters the most in your life. Among these, your photos are a tangible documentation of your life, your story, your loved ones and your legacy. They represent who you are, what you love, where you've been and the moments in your life that you hold dear. Your photos not only preserve these moments, but allow you to relive them. 

My goal as your wedding photographer is to help you create valuable experiences on your wedding day and then offer you the tangible gift of these photos. It isn't just about me showing up to document this occasion (because of course, that's the point, lol!), but to provide you with the keepsakes that you will love, cherish and revisit for years to come! So I invite you to please come in and make yourself at home! Grabyour favorite drink and snacks and let me show you how I can turn your wedding photography dreams into a tangible experience!